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Georgia Transfer

Mission & Vision

Georgia Transfer Mission & Vision: Fiscal Year 2025


Georgia Transfer supports Georgia’s educational, economic, and workforce development goals by empowering Georgia students to complete their degrees. Through a suite of tools for college credit transfer, dual enrollment credit, exam score credit, and data reporting, Georgia Transfer supports both college and high school students and their advisors and counselors and provides higher educational institutions with tools to advise and recruit transfer students. The Georgia Transfer partnership includes the following:

  • University System of Georgia
  • Technical College System of Georgia
  • Georgia Independent College Association
  • Georgia Department of Education
  • Georgia Student Finance Commission


Georgia Transfer is a partnership of Georgia’s educational agencies and institutions. It was established to make college credit transfer information more transparent to Georgia students and encourage them to complete their degrees and participate in Georgia’s growing economy.   

Values & Goals

Georgia Transfer will adhere to the following values and goals to accomplish the mission and ensure alignment with the strategic plans of the partners: