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Georgia Transfer

Outreach Toolkit

Spread the word about GaTransfer tools

Help us raise awareness of GaTransfer tools among students, parents, counselors, and advisors. The following resources include both digital and print resources you can place on your website or print to hand out. Scroll down for additional useful links. 

Outreach Toolkit

We encourage our educational partners to add links to the GaTransfer tools to your websites as a resource for students and potential students. Below are links to our website and tools, as well as suggested text to describe these resources:

GaTransfer Website 

Georgia Transfer provides college credit transfer tools to help Georgia students find college, dual enrollment, and exam score credit transfer information. Learn more at the GaTransfer website:

College Credit Transfer Tool

Georgia students use the College Credit Transfer tool to find college and dual enrollment credit transfer information from colleges across the state. The tool is located on the Gafutures website and requires a free Gafutures account. The GaTransfer website contains instructions and video tutorials for the tool.

Exam to College Course Tool

College-bound high school students use the Exam to College Course tool to find Georgia institutions that accept exam scores for college credit:

College & High School Fairs and Events

The Georgia Transfer team members would like to take part in your fairs and student events. Contact us at to schedule a visit. 

Digital and print downloads

The following brochures describe the GaTransfer tools and services for students, parents, high school counselors, and college advisors. 

GaTransfer Tools for Students (PDF, 1.48 MB)

GaTranfser Tools for College Advisors and High School Counselors (PDF, 1.91 MB)