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Dual Enrollment Planning

Dual Enrollment Program

Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC) manages the dual enrollment program through their GAfutures website. GATRACS administers tools that help to support dual enrollment planning.

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  • Georgia's dual enrollment program allows high school students to earn high school and college credit simultaneously.

    Current High School Students

    Students and parents can consult with a high school counselor dual enrollment and refer to the dual enrollment information at the GAfutures Dual Enrollment pages.

    College-bound High School Graduates

    Explore your college options with the College Credit Transfer tool. Whether you just graduated from high school, or you have earned some college credit, find out which colleges accept your college and dual enrollment credits for transfer.

  • High school counselors can help their students plan dual enrollment course work with the following resources: 

    Dual Enrollment Planning

    Does your high school offer dual enrollment? If you would like to learn more about it refer to the dual enrollment information on the GAfutures websites.

    Using the College Credit Course Tool for your Dual Enrollment Students

    High school counselors can use the College Credit Transfer tool to help high school students find dual enrollment opportunities at the college they would like to attend, and to help students who already have dual enrollment credit find out which colleges will accept the credit for transfer. 

  • GATRACS administers the Dual Enrollment Course Request system that college representatives use to request dual enrollment equivalences for their college courses. College courses that are approved in this process are placed on the GAfutures website on the Dual Enrollment approved course listing. To learn more about the Dual Enrollment Course Request process, contact us at

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If you already have a login for the GAFutures website, you can go directly to the College Credit Course Tool.

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