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GATRACS to GaTransfer: Rebranding to Reach a Wider Audience

GATRACS mission is to provide tools that make college credit transfer information more transparent and encourage Georgia citizens to complete their degrees. We realized we needed to reach a wider audience, so this year we launched a new branding effort. Our new public-facing identity is GaTransfer. According to our search engine optimization research, we needed to begin using keywords and tag lines that are closely aligned with what potential transfer students are searching for online. Based on that research, we have rebranded our website, brochures, and other materials meant for the public to include GaTansfer, along with tag lines and terms that are meaningful to our audiences. In addition to the new branding, the new GaTransfer website contains more information and resources for our educational partners as well as students and parents searching for credit transfer information. on Your Website

We appreciate our educational partners who have a link to us on their websites. Make sure you have our new URL:  If you do not have a link to our website, consider adding us to your resources for transfer students. Our website includes helpful resources such as the

College Credit Transfer Tool

Exam to College Credit Tool

New GaTransfer Resources for Educational Professionals

As part of our rebranding effort, we have also created new brochures for college advisors, high school counselors, and students. These brochures describe our tools and how to access them. Consider downloading the PDFs to share with your colleagues and students.

GaTransfer Outreach Toolkit